Arrange for Professional Property Maintenance

Options include commercial snow removal in the New Fairfield, CT area

Commercial snow removal may take valuable time away from you and your staff. Instead of handling it by yourselves, you can rely on Apex Horticulture. We offer a variety of services for business owners in the New Fairfield, CT area.

We can send a crew to:

  • Remove snow from your pavement
  • Mow, maintain and clean your lawn
  • Plant, mulch, fertilize and prune plants
  • Dig edges of garden beds

To find out about scheduling services like lawn mowing services, call 203-788-5650 now. You can also reach us by using the email form on the Contact page.

Find out more about our mulch and fertilizer

Find out more about our mulch and fertilizer

Apex Horticulture selects high-quality mulch that provides nutrients to plants without producing artillery fungus, a common blight on landscapes. We also use fertilizer to enhance plant health - and healthy plants are beautiful plants. However, we don't fertilize lawns.

Contact us today to learn about anything from commercial snow removal to lawn mowing services.

Why should you choose Apex Horticulture?

Choosing the wrong property management company could cost you. Protect your property's image by working with Apex Horticulture in New Fairfield, CT. Our lawn mowing services will make your property look welcoming, and our prompt commercial snow removal services will keep you and your clients safe.

Don't trust your reputation to anyone but the area's top property management company. If you need landscape maintenance, lawn mowing or commercial snow removal services in New Fairfield, CT, contact Apex Horticulture today.