Enhance Your Garden

Schedule our planting or mulching services in the New Fairfield, CT area

To improve your garden, you can turn to Apex Horticulture. We offer a wide variety of fine gardening services for residential and commercial property owners in the New Fairfield, CT area.

You can look to us for:

  • Planting services
  • Installation services
  • Pruning services
  • Mulching services

With our garden updates and stress-free upkeep, you'll enjoy a beautiful and healthy garden.

You can bring a unique vision to your project, such as a landscape inspired by the traditional gardens of Japan. We have decades of experience with Japanese gardening and plants, including Japanese maples, cherry trees and white pines. Call 203-788-5650 now to learn more about fine gardening services.

We can keep your garden picture-perfect

We can keep your garden picture-perfect

Through our careful maintenance, you can enjoy your landscape year-round. We have the experience to work with specialty plants and prune unique trees, including fruit trees like apples, pears and peaches. Reach out to us now to arrange for plant care and mulching services.

Don't overlook the benefits of mulching services

Mulch does much more than give your landscape a more cohesive look. Mulching can help your garden:

  • Retain moisture: By limiting evaporation, mulch can keep your soil hydrated.
  • Regulate the soil temperature: By acting as insulation, mulch can help soil temperatures stay more consistent.
  • Prevent weed growth: Stop weed seeds from putting down roots by installing a mulch barrier.

Give your landscape an advantage this season. Schedule mulching services in New Fairfield, CT now.